Monday, December 8, 2008

Food Log Thoughts: Updated

A little while ago I posted a rambling writing about my food blog that discussed my strange food habits and diet on a general level. I felt that there was no other day to discuss my eclectic eating due to the strangeness of my diet and eating schedule which has varied from 2 AM snackage on Frosted Flakes in the past to steak breakfasts. This is all good and fun, but probably destroys any methods for eating that has been researched. It is for that reason that I began to think about what humans really should eat in our modern world, where in the United States almost everything can be found for a price. Should we go with the new wave neo hippie/hipster approach and veg out, or maybe be more primal and eat meats and more meats?

I thought about this for a really long time. Though we had an assignment to write about our food log in some detail, I felt that I really couldn't analyze anything once I had written my diet out. So I did what any bored, attempting to be creative teenage would do for an assignment. I started bsing about evil micky D zombies.

But I digress. Anyway back to the food. After thinking for a good week or so (on and off), I came up with a theory to why I eat so strangely. I figure that the human body needs a balance of everything and in the modern world where you are bombarded with advertisements about health drinks, newer health foods, cheaper greasy fake foods, etc etc how can one balance a diet? I found that I eat a ton of meat. But then on a later date I ate only vegetables the entire day. Also one day I ate a nice greasy tasty In N Out meal with animal style fries and a double double which was insanely unhealthy. Yet I ate only health foods on another date. What I am trying to get at is that maybe we don't need to be some sort of magical vegan/vegetarian, carnivore, or giant storage tank for preservatives. I mean vegetarian diets lack many of the essential things that meat brings and meat lacks many of the essential things that vegetables have. So how can we become a truly healthy person?

In a world where everything has dangers, what can we truly trust? I cannot truly tell you because I am no scientist, but I can explain my theory of eating. I figure that we will all die eventually, so we should eat what we want if we can. However, we must factor in health factors and other negative and positive possibilities with the food. Because of this I feel that humans should be responsible for themselves and eat things in moderation. Both the extremes of too much and too little seem to have a negative impact on the body. I find that this seems the least traumatic for people who want their super healthy hipster munchies and their occasional Big Mac splurge too.

I personally use this method and only find it disturbing when I go on meat eating rampages. I mean the health effects that come from that are truly dangerous, especially with the new "magical" medicines which are used to raise the animals. However, like I said what is safe anymore. When the fields are covered in pesticides, animals being injected with god knows what, and even water being contaminated with chemicals of all shapes and forms what is still pure? I mean even organic foods seem to have potential to have pesticides because these chemicals don't just stay in one place. They are like a freaking plague and can get into water supplies and the ground. Even organics are tainted, though maybe to a lesser level.

So what can we really do for food? Besides going on with our regular eating it seems like all we can do is try to improve the way we produce foods. Maybe new laws and regulations are needed in order to improve our food supply system. Legal business may take lots of lobbying and may take an incredibly long time, but won't it be worth it when you are able to cook up a nice tasty all natural meal that tastes insanely better than some of the garbage we eat these days? What really should be asked is what is better? Low price and low quality, or high prices and food that causes one's palate to lust for the next meal?

Saturday, December 6, 2008


For English class I have to do an epic cooking assignment and of course i was stupid enough to try to bake something. Grilling, frying, nuking, etc etc is all pretty easy for me, but baking is a alien to me. If baking was a foreign language it would be Chinese because Chinese has many characters just like baking has many ingredients. Also, if one mixes these characters (ingredients) in wrong ways you just end up with nonsense (CRAPPY FOOD). I have new found respect for those who have epic baking skills. Our male dominated society should not look down upon those who bake our epic munchies, but cherish them. A world without baking people is a world without tasty pastries, breads, and cakes and stuff. For those who doubt the epic hardness of baking, try making castella in one try. I challenge you. This dude wrote a pretty good blog with a recipe and I suggest anyone who is bored, or feels like they can do epic cookingness try this recipe.