Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The worst guitar soloist ever?

The two videos above have, what I believe to be, some of the worst guitar solos that have ever been created. Weezy can rap decently, but when he picks up guitar my soul begins to die. I'm all for simplicity/stripped down sound because I love the blues and punk rock and all that jazz, but I have no idea what hes up to with this. I'm all down with the random improv that has no sense of direction and follows no rules, but these two videos above may change my mind. Have a watch and be amazed by Lil Wayne and his guitar skizzizzles.

To be or not to be?

"To be or not to be- That is the question"

That was the first piece of writing that I had ever heard from Shakespeare. By now everyone should know that Shakespeare is a genius, whether you think that is your own personal opinion. Literature teachers around the world use him as a an example and all talk about how awesome Shakespeare is/was/and shall forever be. What I really want to know is what the hell Shakespeare meant by "to be or not to be". This small phrase alone seems to be the most quoted and frankly I have no idea what the true meaning is. Ever since I was young I have been hearing people quote this phrase and I am pretty convinced that they have no idea what this means either.

Out of the possibilities that exist, the literal meaning of this famous soliloquy from Hamlet seems to deal with the idea of suicide. Hamlet seems to be debating whether it is better for him to live or die. This could be the meaning, but I think it probably deals more with the very existence of man. Hamlet himself questions this as he mopes away after his father's death and his mother's marriage to his uncle. He comes upon this morbid thought because he realizes that no one really cared that his father died. They cared in the sense that they felt remorse because he was their king, but after all was done and through they just went to their everyday lives. His death had no true impact on how they lived and they seemed to forget about his death, instead focusing on the new king and his marriage.

If this idea was what the most famous of the famous Shakespeare writings was attempting to bring across, what is Shakespeare really forcing the reader/audience to think about? It seems to me like he was questioning the existence of man and man's very mortality. Though man can shape the world around him to an extent, after he leaves this earthly realm what will be left? What is left behind by man as he died off? Will our species eventually die out and be found by an evolution of our current form or by aliens, much like the fossils we examine? It seems like Shakespeare examines the idea of legacy.

Legacy seems to be growing increasingly important in a time of super celebrities and politicians. Every body seems to be trying to leave a mark on society, but why exactly do they have motive. Is it some sort of human social relic that forces us to want to pass our experiences and story down the generations through lore and legend? Perhaps it is to make one feel that they have contributed they have changed society in a positive, or negative, way.

Shakespeare has created a good little riddle with this one. Maybe he meant for it to be taken literally, maybe not. It doesn't change the fact that its some deep stuff and I still have no idea what it's saying.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Casey Loves Himself a lot

I was what thoughts and comments come to mind when viewing this strange male I know.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Disneyland is the devil (ya rly)

Disneyland. The world of magic. The world of cheer. The world of overpriced capitalistic corruption. Yes you read what you read. Disneyland is a great place (as I discovered when my girlfriend took me there for 3 days, yes 3 days), but it is not without its faults. For every happy girl who just received a stuffed animal, there is a sad male out there holding the receipt. For every cheerful child eating a Space Land hamburger and sipping on his cola, there is a sad parent out there mourning their $20. Yes, Disneyland is a source of pure evil capitalism. I was thinking about it from a stranger perspective the other day though (at like 2 am) and I figured that one could compare Disneyland to the most advanced nation in the world.

Disneyland is the an amazing creation. It is a place of pure revenue that uses other locations to generate goods and raw materials in order for it to expand its base of operations and get more money. Think of it this way, if Disneyland is the advanced nation among the 3rd world countries. It deals in deception (the place where dreams come true? I think not) and selling you overpriced goods which appear to have sentimental meaning (Eeyore stuffed animals are freaking $50). Much like illegal drugs, Disneyland hooks them when they are young (Hannah Montana?) and creates major revenue by scouting and marketing young children as we have seen in The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, etc. Their little child labor pool brings in major cash by marketing to their younger audiences who are still stupid in the ways of life by hooking them onto a "role model" artist like Miley and making them worship her like some kind of 16 year old goddess (for all those mothers who had intense cat fights over Miley Cyrus tickets I salute you). I mean when I was at Disneyland Miley Cyrus had her birthday party in the park and I didn't see a happy little fanbase of Miley Cyrus. It was more like a giant purple and pink cult of preteens who were stupid enough to pay $250.

Now I guess Disneyland does have some admirable traits like the fact that those underpaid men and women who dress up in costumes and meet children. That must be the hardest job ever because they are basically paid to pretend like they love everyone and prance around in suits that must melt their skin off. I mean they are great, but when I really thought about it, they are merely puppets in the massive Disney dream drugs. What are the Mickey Mouses and Goofys? Dream come true characters, sure, but their more important purpose is to get kids to love them. They are merely the dealers of the Disney LIES. Much like the priests who convert people in 3rd world countries, they are like the priests of Disney. They make us all love their Mickeys and Minnies so much that we buy buy buy everything. I mean honestly if you go to Disneyland and can spend less than $500 dollars there you are amazing. The food there alone could cost that. These characters are the harbinger's of destruction. They are the horsemen of the apocolypse. They are the reason why all of us know about Disney, whether we like it or not.

I'm done with my delirious rant now so all of you go to Disneyland and junk. I know you all watch Hannah Montana and High School Musical don't lie. Space Mountain FTW.

How Pokemon teaches us everthing we need to know.

Everyone knows of Pokemon, unless they've been in some type of coma for the last two decades. What most people don't know is that Pokemon is an anime, card game, video game, action figures, and was even previously a theme park and a musical. Its influence is widespread whether we realize it or not. Anyone who knows anything will have some sort of reaction to words like Pikachu, Pokeball, Ash Ketchum, or Team Rocket (if you've never heard of any of these things I pity your soul). Anyway I've been thinking about it and I honestly think that Pokemon is some sort of brainwashing from the Japanese government to teach the youth how to live in a proper manner. Here is a random list I've thought of:

1. LOVE: Pokemon teaches you love because if you don't LOVE your Pokemon they apparently turn out super lame and weaksauce. Take for example Ash Ketchum's Pikachu. It is basically freaking invincible because they LOVE each other. His Pikachu can basically kill any other Pokemon that is out there, except of course killing each other is BAD and doesn't show LOVE, so of course they never do.

2. Friendship: Pokemon teaches you that if you don't have a bunch of homies you will get pwned by evil people. I say this because in both the game and anime, the lonely dude with no friends is befriended by the main character and the "good" always wins. Plus that whole Gotta Catch 'Em All stuff is basically a mission from the Pokemon god saying make friends or die. Can you beat the Elite 4 without lots and lots of high leveled Pokemon? Heck no. Go make friends now kiddies.

3. Being Unique: Pokemon stresses that we get our own SPECIAL Pokemon and name them, give them accessories, enter them in contests, etc etc. It stresses making a "secret base" for your character which you can customize to your heart's content. Also there are "shiny" Pokemon which are rarer and obviously cooler.

4. Capitalism: If you don't buy in Pokemon, you have to live like a bum and scavenge for things. How can you get Pokemons if you don't have Pokeballs? You can't fool, so go buy stuff.

5. Not Hating on People: It seems like all the jerks in Pokemon have some sort of weird epiphany that makes them suddenly nice. The Pokemon Gods have spoken. Be Nice (or they'll make you)

6.Good Work Ethic: The Pokemon game is basically a game based on obsession. If you play the game a lot, then your Pokemon can get stronger. Additionally there are special ways to make the Pokemon stronger with things called EV points. Basically this is a game designed for future businessmen. The developers wanted to teach children how to be OCD workers who keep on working until they get that level 100 Pokemon. Its a valuable training tool to develop a generation of video game addicts into a hardworking business force.

7. Trade is Good: Pokemon now has a Global Trading Station. This allows people to trade their Pokemon all over the world. What this is meant to teach little youths is that trade is good. Thats how you get all the intense monsters fo sho. Plus this is meant to boost friendliness between other countries/people/etc. Don't be a stingy with your monsters. Sharing is caring.

Friday, October 3, 2008


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