Sunday, April 26, 2009

Coast District Young Buddhist League Salinas YBA Workshop 2009

After something like 6 months of filming, planning, and editing a movie about Buddhism's Eightfold Path, the workshop is over. The movie was created with the idea of relating Buddhism to the youth of today with scenarios that are more familiar to the young people than those ancient movies of education. I was the main editor of the project and was helped by the entire group and especially Kevin Yokota and Casey Kawahira of the Salinas YBA who were part of an initial story boarding committee and later filmed/acted in most of the video. As far as giving credit goes, all of the Salinas YBA was a part of the video in some way. Everyone helped in giving some ideas to polish the editing. As I mentioned I was the editor and I filmed the third video on Right Speech and the seventh video on Right Mindfullness. Casey and Kevin filmed all the other videos together. Kyle Gilbert provided all of the voice-overs except for Scott Kuramura's on the second video segment on Right Thought and Casey Kawahira's on the last video segment on Right Concentration/Meditation. Overall I would like to thank all of you who will probably Google your names someday and find this page, as well as some of those out there who watched the video and gave feedback. The video will be posted on youtube soon, and I will make sure to provide both a link and a embedded video for those who wish to enjoy as soon as possible.

(Update: Casey finally is uploading it. The video will be up today hopefully)

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