Tuesday, May 19, 2009

High School. Scattered thoughts.

High School
oh how you are filled with debauchery
filled with joy and sadness
filled with wonder and despair
we must now leave you to journey to college
the land of the free, or so we think
yet when we arrive we will find the same
more kids, more classes, more teachers
Parties will be abundant, oh yes, but what will they accomplish?
drunken nights spend abroad? Hang overs that torment our mornings?
Choices will need to be made, but are we ready to make them?
In the end we are left with ourselves
why dwell on the past/embrace the future
Perhaps you have been wronged by high school
you have been cheated on?
Cheated of grades?
Cheated of college, of social life, of a "real" experience
we cannot change what has happened, but only change what will happen
Yet growing up is so hard
because maturity cannot be created over night
only developed over a lifetime
so as the summer begins we must look back upon high school to remember
remember the good times and bad
remember the pain and joy that was had
remember the friends and enemies, the loves lost
the warmness that came over you with your first kiss
the pain felt when you saw them together
the hatred felt of others
the friendships that will never be broken
the experiences never to be had again

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